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Zvenigorod. The paintings by russian artists come to life. June 18, 2018

June 18, 2018
 A journey to an ancient town of Zvenigorod in the Moscow Region, also knows as the Russian Switzerland for its gorgeous landscapes, and the Russian Barbizon for sparking the interest of renowned painters. This town is original and unmatched. Its past and present will help you comprehend the real Russia. You will see an ancient country estate, visit the workshop of the famous painter Asya Feoktistova, go for a horse ride, and have dinner from a chef with good company.
The tour includes:
  •  transfer service in a comfortable, safeguarded train 
  • ancient country estate
  •  the Dormition Cathedral of the Mother of God 
  • the modern art gallery 
  • horse ride 
  • dinner from a chef 
  • escort interpreter throughout the tour
Location: Zvenigorod, Moscow Region, Russia Commuting: Belorussky railway terminal in Moscow – Zvenigorod – Belorussky railway terminal in Moscow 
 Place an order: +7 495 142 73 27
                          +7 495 109 07 27