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Attractions / trips to FIFA-2018

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From clear water to thick water. Mytishchi. June 30, 2018

June 30, 2018
We would like to take you for a fascinating ride to the town of Mytishchi. You will be immersed in the atmosphere of an ancient city, and learn how and when the first Russian water-supply system was created. The guests will also be taken on a sampling tour to a brewing factory
The tour includes:
  • transfer service in a comfortable, safeguarded express bus
  • the tour of the 19th century Mytishchi railway terminal
  • a sightseeing bus tour
  • a tour around the water-supply system
  • tea-drinking from a huge Russian samovar (water comes from Mytishchi’s purest springs) 
  • a tour of the Moscow Brewing Company
  • sampling-dinner 
  • escort interpreter throughout the tour
Location: Mytishchi, Moscow Region, Russia 
Commuting: Yaroslavsky railway terminal in Moscow – Mytishchi – Yaroslavsky railway terminal in Moscow
Place an order: +7 925 714 75 47