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Bolshie Vyazemy Estate

The estate complex in Bolshie Vyazemy began to take shape in the 16th century when this land was designated as the residence of the Russian czar Boris Godunov. Upon his order the Transfiguration Church and arched bell tower were erected in the 1590s.

During the reign of Peter I the land title to Bolshie Vyazemy was given to the Golitsyn family. Since that time, for two centuries, the estate has belonged to them. The great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin visited the estate a number of times while staying at the neighboring Zakharovo estate, the residence of his grandmother. The amazing beauty of Zakharovo and Bolshie Vyazemy are believed to have played a major role in shaping Pushkin's talent as a poet. It is here that Pushkin started writing his first poetry. Vyazemy has preserved the tombstone of Pushkin's brother Nikolai.

Currently, the former Golitsyn estate houses the State Pushkin Historic and Literary Museum-Preserve. The architectural ensemble encompasses housing, auxiliary structures and a park. The centerpiece of the ensemble is the manor house with wings. It was built in 1784 in the style of French classicism that echoes the era of Louis XVI and the church.

Address: Moscow Region, Odintsovsky district, township of Bolshie Vyazemy

Hours of Operation: daily 10 am – 5 pm except for Mon and last Fri of the month

Web-site: www.museum-gol.ru

Phones: +7 (495) 598-2404; +7 (495) 598-2427

Directions: by local train from the Belorussky train station to the Golitsyno station, continue by bus #38 or the bus #50, or by shuttle vans #38, #79, #1055 until the “Institute” bus stop (3rd stop) or 20 min on foot; by car down the Mozhaiskoye highway for some 23 km