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Vasino Estate

The architectural gem of the Vasino Estate is the Veliaminovs’ manor house. It is a very rare example of a nobleman's house made out of wood and designed in the Empire style. Some researchers believe the manor house in Vasino was designed by the architect Alexander Kutepov, a disciple of the renowned Swiss architect Domenico Gilardi. Next to the house a park is laid out with a picturesque pond is laid out.

The Vasino Estate was established during the second half of the 18th century by the landowner Plakhov. Later the estate was purchased by the Veliaminov family who continued to invest in the beautification of the estate. Following the revolution, the manor house was home to a secondary school and housing for the teachers. As time went by the old house was abandoned and fell into disrepair. In 2014, the Veliaminov estate was put up for auction and leased out. Under the terms of the lease agreement the tenants have undertaken to restore the unique wooden estate without impacting its historic appearance. They will also restore the 19th century wall-paper which has partially survived on the walls of the house. Following the restoration there are plans to open a cultural and recreational center here.

Address: Moscow Region, Chekhov district, village of Vanino

Directions: by local train from the Kursk train station to the station of Chekhov, then take bus #30 to Merleyevo, continue 2 km on foot to the village of Vasino; by car down the Simferopol highway to the city of Chekhov, from there to the village of Vasino