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Zakharovo Estate

One of the most prominent estates in Russia associated with the name of Pushkin, Zakharovo, came to be known as the unofficial childhood estate of the great Russian poet. He often came here to visit his grandma Maria Hannibal. It was here that he is believed to have written his first verse while the young Alexander drew his inspiration from the beauty of the surrounding landscape. As years went by, Pushkin's name became known far beyond the boundaries of Russia. His masterpiece Eugene Onegin has been read by the absolute majority of the world's population.

On the estate of Zakharovo they were able to preserve a large pond, part of a luxurious park and the manor house restored in 1999 for the 200th anniversary of the poet. The former Hannibal estate constitutes part of the State Pushkin History and Literature Museum-Preserve. Zakharovo stages regular events for children and tourists including renascent traditional nobleman's games which were popular during Pushkin's childhood. Pushkin's former estate hosts regular Pushkin balls, music and art contests, and cultural events.

The estate actively pursues research projects. It serves as an annual venue for major scholarly conferences and discussion forums. Next door to Zakharovo is another fascinating estate called Vyazemy. It is also an integral part of the State Pushkin History and Literature Museum-Preserve and is linked to the poet's biography.

Address: Moscow Region, Odintsovsky district, Zakharovo estate

Hours of Operation: daily 10 am – 5 pm, except Mon and last Fri of the month

Web-site: www.museum-gol.ru

Phones: +7(495)598-2404; +7(495)598-2447

Directions: by local train from the Belorussky train station in the direction of Zvenigorod to the Zakharovo station; by car to 44th kilometer of the Mozhayskoye Highway