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Zenino Estate

Located near Moscow, the vast estate of Zenino was established as the result of a division of the neighboring estate of Troitskoe-Kainarji. Count Sergei Rumiantsev, the estate's owner, built an estate on this tract for his extra-marital daughter Zinaida Divova (Kagulskaya), in whose honor he named the new estate.

During the Divova’s ownership Zenino was transformed into a beautiful well-maintained estate. A three-story manor house was built during this time and an architecturally unconventional one- story building with Gothic windows was also erected. It was designed as an auxiliary facility. One of its walls was adjacent to a two-story tower whose roof commanded a beautiful view of the surrounding landscape.

Well before the Russian emperor Alexander II issued a decree abolishing serfdom in 1861, Zinaida Divova sold the estate. However, the new owners were unable to maintain the estate and by the early 20th century it was sold to the Moscow city council. The council established there the city sewer authority. To meet the needs of the authority another building was erected on the site as well as an aqueduct and other structures.

During the Soviet era the compound of the former estate was nicknamed “the hospital township” because it housed two medical facilities – a TB clinic and a neurology clinic. A number of modern structures were erected on the compound as the “hospital township” kept expanding. In 2014, part of the Zenino estate was awarded to a private investor at a discounted lease rate. Currently massive restoration is underway at the estate.

Address: Moscow Region, Lyuberetsky district, 107 Zenino township

Directions: by local train from the Kazansky train station to the Lyubertsy station; by car down the Kosinskoye highway, then continue down Proektiruemy proezd, Nedorubova str. and Zeninskoye highway. Total some 10,7 km from the Moscow Ring Road