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Kuzminskoye Estate

Currently researchers know very little about Kuzminskoye. The Naumov’s estate has been in a ruined state for many years. Only the Church of the Holy Sign, which was built during the second half of the 17th century, reminds us of the fact that history “lives” in this place. In 1989 the church was the first to open its door to the residents of the city of Domodedovo following long years of neglect and oblivion during Soviet rule.

The village of Kuzminskoye, which houses the estate by the same name, was founded in the 17th century. Currently it is part of the greater Domodedovo city and is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the county. It is one of the oldest nobleman's estates near Moscow. The estate complex started to be developed under the new owner Stepan Naumov. However, it is known for a fact that the manor house and the Church of the Holy Sign already existed in the late 17th century when this was the ancestral land of the Naumovs' dynasty. A unique feature of the estate lies in the fact that unlike the majority of the estates of the gentlefolks of the Moscow region Kuzminskoye never changed hands. It has belonged to the Naumov’s dynasty since its inception. Prior to the revolution, Kuzminskoye was home to a provincial hospital where peasants from the neighboring village could receive treatment. In 1898 Anton Chekhov, who was a medical professional by training, came here to attend the birthday anniversary celebration of the local doctor by the name of Nevsky.

In 2014, Kuzminskoye was leased out, the new owners proceeded to undertake restoration works. There are plans to open a recreational facility in the former Naumovs' estate in the future.

Address: Moscow Region, county of Domodedovo, village of Kuzminskoye

Hours of Operation: Free admittance. You are welcome to visit the church also

Directions: by local train from the Paveletsky train station to the Barybino station, then by buses #40, or 52, or 46 to the Kuzminskoye bus stop; by car down the M-4 Don highway, turn left to Barybino, then continue to the village of Kuzminskoye