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Muranovo Estate

The Muranovo Estate is associated with Fyodor Tiutchev, a renowned Russian poet. Amazingly this man of letters probably never visited Muranovo. His family lived there for some time however and, following the poet's death, they transferred all of his manuscripts and personal belongings to the estate.

The estate was built to the design and layout of the famous Russian poet Yevgeny Baratynsky, who was the estate's owner for some time. The architecture of the manor house is one of a kind in the Moscow region. The mansion combines the features of a castle and an English cottage and situated between them there is a log cabin. The estate was able to preserve a number of interesting structures which create an unforgettable example of a mid-size nobleman's estate of the 19th century. Aside from the main mansion, visitors can view a children's little house, the in-house Church of the Vernicle (erected in 1878) and numerous auxiliary structures such as rooms for coachmen, storage rooms, ice storage and rooms for various tasks such as ironing.

Muranovo is one of the largest Russian museums and features more than 28,000 exhibits highlighting the history and development of the nobleman's culture in Russia. Muranovo Museum-Preserve of Fyodor Tiutchev is a major venue for events in the Moscow region. Almost every week they stage events for a broad spectrum of guests and tourists including master-classes, lectures, concerts, theme-specific holidays, and celebrations of landmark events in Russian history.

Address: Moscow Region, Pushkinsky district, Lugovoye postal office, the village of Muranovo

Hours of Operation: daily except Mon, from 10 am to 6 pm, ticket office open until 4.30 pm. Last Fri of the month closed for cleanup

Web-site: http://www.muranovo-museum.ru

Phones: +7(985) 317-38-98

Directions: by local train from the Yaroslavsky train station to the Ashukinskaya station, continue by public bus #34 to the Muranovo Museum bus stop; by car down the Yaroslavskoye highway to the intersection with the A-107 Small Moscow Ring Road (some 30 km), continue for 5 km and after crossing the railroad turn right to Sofrino. Continue down the main road to the Muranovo Estate sign