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Pushchino-On-Nara Estate

Many experts consider the Pushschino-On-Nara Estate one of the most beautiful nobleman's estates near Moscow. The gem of the estate is the manor house which was erected in the late 18th century in the style of Russian classicism. Its facade has an amazing resemblance to antique temples thanks to a Greek portico, multiple Corinthian style columns and Italian arches in its pediment.

The Pushchino-on-Nara Estate complex originally belonged to the princely dynasty of Vyazemskys. Aside from the Pushchino-on-Nara, the wealthy family also owned the Ostafievo, another major estate near Moscow.

The Pushchino's owners managed to create a veritable paradise on their estate. Under the direction of Sergei Vyazemsky not only did they build a large manor house but also laid out a picturesque park with linden alleys, a ceremonial courtyard with a fountain, and a multitude of auxiliary structures which successfully blend into the architectural concept of the park.

The Pushchino-on-Nara Estate has been in a ruined state for a long time, despite the fact that it has been a place of pilgrimage by numerous tourists. Pushchino gained a reputation for the most visited neglected estate of the Moscow region.

The fate of this monument of history and architecture changed in 2014 when it was leased out to a private company. Currently the former Vyazhemsky estate is under active restoration. There are plans to open an apartment hotel here.

Address: Moscow Region, Serpukhovsky district, the village of Pushchino

Directions: by local train from the Kursky train station to the Serpukhov station, continue by bus #29 to the Bolshevik state farm; by car down the M-2 Simferopol highway, turn to Serpukhov, drive through the city to reach the village of Pushchino