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Aigins Estate (Talitsy)

The Aigin Estate has an interesting and happy history. The road from Moscow to St. Trinity-Sergius Lavra, a venerated orthodox monastery, passed through Talitsy. During the second half of the 18th century they built a shrine of their own in Talitsy. It was a wooden chapel affiliated with the Lukian monastery.

In the middle of the 19th century at this cross-roads of heavy traffic they also built an inn where travelers could rest and spend the night. Among those who stayed at Talitsy were such notable personalities as writers Ivan Turgenev and Sergei Aksakov, as well as Mikhail Saltykov-Schedrin, author of many fairy-tales and literary works. The industrialist Vasily Aigin, the future owner of the Talitsy Estate, also stayed here. Soon after purchasing the property he started building his large estate which included a manor house with wings and numerous auxiliary structures. All of the structures were inter-connected by passages. In close proximity to the estate there was a pond and a square-shaped park bordered with linden trees.

In addition, Talitsy also had an underground Dmitry Solunsky church which was built into a cave. Before the singular church was established the cave housed underground cells for monks.

In 2013, the estate was leased out as part of the gubernatorial program known as “A Ruble per Square Meter.” Within a year, the Aigin estate was restored. There are plans to open a recreational center in the future that would offer all the necessary facilities.

Currently the estate houses a museum which can be visited by making arrangements in advance.

Address: Moscow Region, Pushkinsky district, the village of Talitsy, bldng. #46

Directions: by local train from the Yaroslavsky train station to the Sofrino station, continue by buses #34 or #59 to the Talitsy bus station; by car down the Yaroslavskoye highway to the township of Sofrino, continue to the village of Talitsy