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Vasilievskoye (Maryino) Estate

The Vasilievskoye Estate will strike you as something unconventional. The architecture of the manor house looks more like a romantic European castle. It was built in 1884 on the initiative of prince Alexander Scherbatov, one of the owners of the estate. It was designed by the outstanding Russian architect Pyotr Boitsov, who was inspired by a blend of styles including Pseudo-Gothic. The Scherbatov estate was famous for its spacious park which has survived to this day.

Noteworthy is the Church of St. Panteleimon erected in the Pseudo-Russian style. The church also served as a burial vault. Currently it is named after St. Prince Alexander Nevsky.

Before the Scherbatov’s new country residence was started, this land was the location of the modest home of Alexander Herzen, a Russian philosopher and publicist. Herzen was quoted as saying, “I have seen very few places more exquisite than Vasilievskoye.”

During the Soviet era the estate housed medical facilities. Due to this fact it was preserved. To this day it remains in good condition. Following the restoration, the manor house is now home to one of the departments of the Hertzen sanatorium.

Worthy of attention is the Resurrection Church located nearby. It was built in the early 18th century in the style of Moscow baroque. Adjacent to the church is a 19th century refectory.

Address: Moscow Region, Odintsovksy district, township of the Hertzen sanatorium

Directions: by local train from the Belarussky train station to the Kubinka station, continue by public transportation to the township of the Hertzen sanatorium; by car down the Minskoye or Mozhaiskoye highways for 50 km away from Moscow, then get directions from GPS to the township of the Hertzen sanatorium