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Yershovo Estate

The estate is a veritable treasure trove of unique sights inseparably linked to the history of Russia. During the 18th century, the estate was humble and unremarkable but, as time went by, it became one of the most beautiful estates near Moscow. The most notable owners of Yershovo were Count Olsufiev’s family.

The talented architect who built the estate was Afanasy Grigoriev. Born to peasant surfs, Grigoriev was a disciple of the celebrated architect Domenico Gilardi and In building Yershovo he succeeded in creating one of the most amazing examples of late Nicolas Empire style buildings. Aside from a complex of estate structures Grigoriev designed the Trinity Church. The church was constructed in the Empire style with a tall bell tower. Olsufiev’s guests stated that during nice weather you could have a clear view of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior from the tower. The Olsufiev’s enjoyed entertaining guests at Yershovo. It is known for a fact that the famous Russian poet Afanasy Fet paid a visit to the estate and later immortalized the estate in his verses.

There is also a tragic page in the history of the Yershovo estate. During WWII the Nazis captured Russian soldiers and locked them in the Trinity Church along with local villagers. Then they proceeded to kill everyone inside by blowing up the church. In the 1990s the church was fully restored. Out of the entire estate complex, the manor house, part of the park and the pond have survived in good shape. The estate now houses a sanatorium.

Address: Moscow Region, Odintsovsky district, the village of Yershovo, Yershovo vacation home, house #51A

Web-site: ershovo.su

Directions: by local train from the Belarussky train station to the Zvenigorod station, continue by bus #25 to the “Yershovo vacation home” bus stop; by car down the Novo- Rizhskoye highway to the intersection with the A-107 Moscow Ring Road, continue to the sign to the city of Zvenigorod. When in the city turn right at the second light, continue through the Suponevo township to the Yershovo vacation home