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Konstantinovo Estate

Throughout its history the Konstantinovo Estate has belonged to several noble families. However, it is most famous because of its association with the name of the famous explorer Nikolai Przhevalsky. He stayed at Konstantinovo during the time his brother owned the estate.

The manor house was built in the early 19th century. It is one of the most best surviving examples of the Empire style in architecture near Moscow. The facade of this one-story mansion with a mezzanine is adorned with a portico of six Tuscan order columns. Under the portico there was originally a terrace which commanded a beautiful view of the park and surroundings. Alexei Grech, a wellknown researcher of the estates, described Konstantinovo's pre-revolutionary appearance. He was delighted by its beautiful gardens with cascading ponds, the flower-beds with soft pink carnations and the picturesque rotunda-gazebo shaded by trees.

The park’s appearance has only been partially preserved. At present, tourists can only enjoy fragments of the garden, ponds and remaining structures. The fate of the surviving Konstantinovo estate was determined in 2013, following the restoration project it will house a children's hospice.

One kilometer away from the estate is another local landmark – the Church of our Lady of Smolensk. It was built in the 1670s and was completely overhauled in the Empire style between 1825 and 1827. In 2002 the church was restored to its original beauty and now it conducts regular services.

Address: Moscow Region, Domodedovsky district, the township of Konstantinovo of the state cattle breeding facility

Directions: by local train from the Paveletsky train station to the Domodedovo station, continue by bus #33 to the “Fabrika” bus stop , bus route “Domodedovo station – Cattle Breeding Facility”; by car down the Kashirskoye highway to the city of Domodedovo, when in the city turn to Kolomiitsa street, which continues into the street of Plemennoi proyezd, from which you turn right to Zarechnaya street. In Zarechnaya you will find the estate's manor house and the park