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Lyubvino Estate

The Lyubvino Estate was created in the early 20th century on the eve of decline of the nobleman's culture. The luxurious estate once belonged to Nikolai and Lyubov Pyltsov. Their family union was not approved by Russia's high society because Lyubov was 16 years younger than her husband. Upon their marriage, Lyubov received a substantial dowry from her father which they decided to spend on building an estate of their own.

Construction of the manor house got underway in 1911 and within merely a year, through the effort of thousands of builders, they succeeded in erecting a huge residential palace in the style of neoclassicism which, according to the design of the architect Adolph Erikson, was called upon “to soar over the neighborhood”. The effect of “flight” was indeed achieved through the building of two “wings” attached to the main space of the palace.

One of the chief embellishments of the estate was the terrace separating the palace from the park. It was decorated with multiple sculptures and bronze vases. The main entrance to the palace was adorned with the statues of two bronze dogs which stood guard over the entrance to the palace until early 2,000. Now the fate of the bronze dogs, much like the fate of the majority of sculptures that used to decorate Lyubvino, is unknown. Out of all the statues that once decorated the terrace only two bronze busts were rescued.

Lyubvino was also famous for its park. Its centerpiece was the long main alley. It stretched from the Tuchkovo railway station to the palace. The alley was 2 kilometers long. It was framed with rose bushes and alpine plants along the perimeter. Following the 1917 revolution the estate was nationalized and for a long time it housed a secondary school. Now the former Pyltsov estate stands abandoned.

Address: Moscow Region, Ruzsky district, Tuchkovo township

Directions: by local train from the Belorussky train station to the Tuchkovo station, continue on foot; by car down the M-1 Minskoye highway, turn to Tuchkovo. At the township of Tuchkovo turn to Kolyubakinsky proyezd and further turn to Shkolnaya street