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Nazarievo Estate

The estate was founded in the middle of the 18th century. For a long time it belonged to the Golitsyns, one of the richest and most noble dynasties in Russia. This estate of nobility would be of interest to everyone who appreciates the blending of architectural styles within a single estate complex. The manor house in Nazarievo was built in the middle of the 19th century in the style of eclecticism with elements of the Pseudo-Gothic style. An unconventional mansion appeared at Nazarievo during the Mikhalkovs' couple, the owners of the estate at that time. Elizaveta and Vladimir Mikhalkov were sophisticated connoisseurs of art. They assembled a beautiful collection of paintings, books and works of art at the estate. The surviving part of the collection was distributed among the Moscow museums following the revolution.

Another notable attraction in Nazarievo is the beautiful Trinity Church. It was built in the Empire style and replaced the previous humble wooden church. Surrounding the manor house is a spacious park, a masterpiece of the landscape architecture of the late 18th century. The park pond in effect developed as a result of a dam on the Bolshaya Vyazemka river.

The estate was badly damaged during the 1812 Patriotic War against Napoleon. Russian troops retreated through the estate. While Napoleon's army passed through Nazarievo they burned down several estate structures.

Now the park and the pond are well preserved and are used for recreational purposes. Currently the estate is home to a health resort for the Russian presidential administration.

Address: Moscow Region, Odintskovsky district, the village of Nazarievo

Directions: by local train from the Belarussky train station to the Zhavoronki station, continue for 8 km to Nazarievo. by car: down the M-1 Minskoye highway, continue by turning to the Mozhaiskoye highway, drive through the city of Odintsovo to Zhavoronki and turn right, continue left to the township of Nazarievo