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Perkhushkovo Estate

The Perkhushkovo Estate has a historic link with many literary figures in Russia and their outstanding masterpieces. The Yakovlev family, the owners of the estate, were related to the Russian publicist Alexander Hertzen, who often stayed as a guest at their estate. The great Russian writer Nikolai Gogol also visited Perkhushkovo. Saying “Good-bye” to his friends at the local postal office the writer promised that he would return with the completed volume of his ingenious “Dead Souls”.

A reference to this estate near Moscow can be found also in Leo Tolstoy's “War and Peace”. It was at Perkhushkovo that Pierre Bezukhov made a stop to have the horses changed. The local residents told him that the village saw fierce fighting against the Napoleonic troops. Curiously enough, the local legends have it that Napoleon stayed at the estate's manor house during the 1812 Patriotic War. The estate complex itself is of great historic and cultural value. The 1756 Church of the Intersection will prove interesting to all the connoisseurs of Baroque style. Next to the church is the Yakovlev’s house erected in the middle of the 18th century and redesigned in the 19th century in the classical style. The house can only be viewed from the outside but the Church of the Intersection conducts regular services.

Address: Moscow Region, Odintsovsky district, the village of Perkhushkovo

Directions: by local train from the Belorussky train station to the Perkhushkovo station; by car down the M-1 Minskoye highway, turn to the Mozhaiskoye highway, drive through the city of Odintsovo to continue to the village of Perkhushkovo