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Knyazhischevo (Petrovskoye-Alabino) Estate

The Knyazhischevo Estate used to belong to the Demidovs, the richest dynasty of Russian industrialists. Nikita Demidov conceived construction of a luxurious residential palace for his beloved spouse. Demidov's ideas were implemented by the renowned architect Matvei Kazakov, who was famous for his creations at the Tsaritsyno estate, the Stopover Palace in the city of Tver and other structures. Square in its spatial planning, the mansion in Knyazhischevo was visually different from many noblemen's estates and was more reminiscent of the Italian villa La Rotonda by the architect Andrea Palladio located near Vicenza. The palace was adorned by majestic colonnades, and porticoes, while the main entrance was guarded by two figures of sphinxes. The house was surrounded by the four wings. Surrounding the estate was the park laid out in a mixed style. It was adorned with sculptures, the most famous of which was the huge statue of Apollo, which following the revolution was destined to be melted down. The construction of the house was in full swing when suddenly the Demidovs' family was struck by a misfortune. The future female owner passed away without seeing the estate, the gift from her husband, being completed. The Knyazhischevo estate enjoys the fame of one of the most mystical places around Moscow. The local residents share the rumor that in the ruins of the once beautiful estate manor house you can spot the ghost of a young woman. It was unbearable for Nikita Demidov to continue living at the estate which was such a strong reminder of the tragic death of his spouse. Knyazhischevo changed hands several times, the last owners were the princely family of the Mescherskys. Following the revolution the estate was nationalized.

Address: Moscow Region, Naro-Fominsky district, the township of Petrovskoye

Directions: by local train from the Kievsky train station to the Alabino station, continue on foot; by car down the Kievskoye highway to the light past the city of Aprelevka, turn right to the Small Concrete Ring Road. When in the township of Petrovskoye make a right turn