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Sukhanovo Estate

The Sukhanovo Estate used to belong to the Volkonsky noble dynasty. The architectural centerpiece of the the complex is the manor house. It was built in the 18th century and redesigned in the 19th century in the style of classicism. It is adorned with an open colonnade connecting the manor house with the side wings and an exquisite six-column portico on the facade facing the park. The luxurious residential palace was primarily designed for staging receptions and balls. The interior of the mansion was fully appropriate for that purpose. The rooms were adorned with wall paintings in the Turkish and Egyptian styles. In 1945 the mansion was redesigned by the architect Kokorin.

The Sukhanovo park keeps a multitude of secrets. Here you can see the statue “The Girl with a Broken Jug”, a replica of the statue by the same name from Tsarskoye Selo (Czar's Village). Celebrated by Alexander Pushkin, the estate stands out for its stylistic contrasts. Here you can see auxiliary structures in Pseudo- Gothic style while the guest houses constitute good examples of classicism. To this day Sukhanovo has preserved the picturesque “Temple of Venus” gazebo and a monumental arched bridge. The 1813 Church of Dmitry of Rostov is considered another architectural masterpiece, it also served as a burial vault.

Today the estate is home to a holiday resort for the Architects' Union but the beautiful park is open to the public.

Address: Moscow Region, Leninsky district, Sukhanovo estate, holiday resort of the Architects' Union

Directions: by local train from the Paveletsky train station to the Rastorguyevo station, continue by buses #379 or 59 to the Sukhanovo holiday resort bus stop or by local train from the Kursky train station to the Butovo station, continue by bus #379 to the Sukhanovo stop; by car down the Varshavskoye highway (in the direction of Podolsk), after passing Butovo, at the first light, turn left and continue straight