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Taininskoye Estate

The Taininskoye Estate was located on the route which the czars traveled for pilgrimages to the Trinity monastery. During such voyages, the rulers with their retinue would stay at stopover palaces which were located at rather long distances from each other. In the 16th century, on the orders of Ivan the Terrible, another stopover palace in Taininskoye was constructed. The czar himself stayed here, and later so did Boris Godunov and Czar Alexei Mikhailovich.

In 1675, they started building a unique church in Taininskoye like no other in Russian architecture. When reviewing the details of the stone Church of the Intersection of the Holy Virgin, which is part of the national roster of architectural monuments, one can trace the architectural techniques typical for wooden architecture.

The unconventional porch, with two staircases forking from its center in different directions, constitutes an absolute innovation in the architecture at that time. Today, the church is open for prayer. In the 18th century Taininskoye reasserted its glory as the stopover monarchic residence. In 1749 a new wooden stopover palace was built where Empress Elizabeth and Empress Catherine the Great used to stay. The Russian historian Nikolai Karamzin described those historic visits in great detail. Unfortunately, the palace was gutted by fire in the first half of the 19th century. In 1996 they erected a monument to the last Russian emperor Nicolas II. The monument was destined to become a shrine of pilgrimage for Russian monarchists.

Address: Moscow Region, Mytischinsky district, the village of Taininskoye, Tsentralnaya street

Directions: by local train from Yaroslavsky train station to Mytischi station, continue by shuttle van #12 to the village of Taininskaya, the Annunciation Church; by car travel down the external side of the Moscow Ring Road, from the Yaroslavskoye highway travel for some 0,5 km towards the Ostashkovskoye highway, after passing the gas station turn right at Mytischi sign, continue to Tsentralnaya street, when you reach it, turn right and travel to the church