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Yaroploets Estate of the Chernyshevs

The estate complex according to the founder's concept was called upon to become a new Versailles. It belonged to the field-marshal Zakhar Chernyshev, once a close associate of Catherine the Great. However, his overblown ambitions distanced him from the Empress.

By creating his estate complex in Yarpolets, Chernyshev sought to make his property to look like a palatial residence. Originally, he secured a permission from Catherine II to create an entailed estate i.e. “a state within a state”. Yaropolets became its capital. At that time there was hardly a precedent set for such a project in Russia before. Thereafter, Chernyshev focused all of his efforts and potential on creating a luxurious residence. A spacious luxurious two-story palace in the style of classicism was built in 1760s. The ceremonial entrance was adorned with towers with merlons. The beautiful palace was surrounded by a large park in the mixed style with a multitude of pavilions and monuments, among them, “The Turkish Mosque”, “The Temple of Friendship” and even a monument to Catherine the Great.

However, the pride of Yaropolets belonged to the beautiful Church of our Lady of Kazan built in 1798. The structure includes two symmetrical volumes. The eastern part encloses the Kazan Church itself, while the western part contains a familial burial vault. The interior, unconventional for an Orthodox churches, has been preserved. For a long time both the estate and the church have been abandoned. However, despite of the fact, the Chernyshevs' Yaropolets for many years has been considered one of the most visited estates in the Moscow region. The restoration of the unique Kazan Church got underway in April, 2016.

Address: Moscow Region, Volokolamsky district, the village of Yaropolets, 4 Dodogorskogo street

Directions: by local train from the Rizhsky train station to the Volokolamsk station, continue by buses #28 or #39 to Yaropolets; from the Tushinskaya metro station to Yaropolets; by car down the Novorizhskoye highway to Volokolamsk, then turn to Yaropolets