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Ivanovskoye Estate

The estate of Ivanovskoye serves as the center of cultural life in the city of Podolsk. The luxurious palace and park complex is spectacularly located on the bluff of the Pakhra river. It is part of the most beautiful and prominent «houses of the gentlefolks” near Moscow. The manor house is the centerpiece of the estate complex, built at the turn of 18th – 19th centuries by count Fyodor Tolstoy, a well-known collector and connoisseurs of art. The tree-story palace with two wings was built in the Palladian style which is supposed to follow the strict laws of symmetry, to borrow the principles of classical temple architecture of ancient Greece and Rome. The chief embellishment of its facade is the six-columned portico, while the remaining details of the decorum were executed with restraint.

The estate was famous for its theater. According to the contemporaries the theatrical performances were a huge draw for people from high society from all over Moscow. Ivanoskoye was particularly popular when it was owned by the family of Arseny Zakrevsky, the Moscow’s Governor General. Alexander Pushkin, Yevgeny Baratynsky and Pyotr Viazemsky dedicated their poetry to his wife Agraphena Zakrevskaya (Tolstaya). You can discern the minute details of the image of this educated high society lady in Baratynsky's character of Nina in his poem titled “Ball”.

The Ivanovskoye estate which was unfortunately affected by the Soviet rule was restored in 1980s through generous sponsorship of a major industrial facility located near Moscow. In 1987 the estate became home to the Museum of Professional Education, while the left wing houses the Podolsk Museum of Local History. Nowadays Ivanovskoye stages the traditional “Zhurfix” festival of estate culture. The festival introduces everyone to the traditions and customs of Russian nobility.

Address: Moscow Region, the city of Podolsk, 1 Parkovaya street Hours of Operation: 10 am – 5 pm, Sat and Sun: 10 am – 4 pm, closed Mon and the last day of the month (closed for cleanup)

Directions: by local train from the Kursky train station to the Podolsk station, continue by bus #4; by car down the M2 Simferopol highway to Podolsk