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Lyakhovo Estate

The small estate of Lyakhovo became widely known thanks to Mark Zakharov's movie “The Formula of Love”. While looking for a location to shoot his movie, the director was fascinated by the beauty and singular “coziness” of Lyakhovo and chose it for the backdrop.

The estate is a beautiful example of a mid-size estate that has survived to present day. The surviving manor house and the ruined wing were built in the early 19th century by the Vasilchikovs' family. The estate complex was designed in the style of classicism.

It is presumed there had previously been another house on the grounds dating back to an earlier period. The estate park points to that fact. It contains the features of the park art from the 18th century. Unconventional ramparts have survived between the park alleys which are filled with water. There is a supposition that at one point they performed the role of canals.

During the Soviet era the estate structures in Lyakhovo were converted to suit the needs of the local collective farm. For some time they housed a secondary school, and then they were converted into communal apartments. The former estate was in bad need of restoration.

However, in spite of its deplorable condition, Lyakhovo draws thousands of people interested in Russian history, architecture and art, who come to immerse themselves in an atmosphere of a time gone by.

In the fall of 2015 the Lyakhovo estate was leased out. The new tenant has undertaken to restore and revive the estate within the next few years.

Address: Moscow Region, Domodedovsky district, the village of Lyakhovo. There is no access to the estate

Directions: by local train from the Paveletsky train station to the Barybino station, continue by buses #43 or #56; by car down the M-4 Don highway, turn to Barybino, travel for 8 km from Barybino