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Yakovlevo Estate

The Yakovlevo Estate became widely known thanks to the charitable activities of their owners. The landowner Yekaterina Barbasheva, one of the owners of the estate, established an almshouse in Yakovlevo in memory of her late husband. With her own funds she built a hospital, an almshouse's building, an outpatient clinic, a school for peasant children and a church. The elderly, single poor women with children, and obviously orphans could find refuge at Barbasheva's estate.

However, the former nobleman's estate is noteworthy not only as the center of charity but also for its architecture. Many estate's buildings also evokes a lot of interest. There are a number of noteworthy structures surrounded by landscapes singular for their beauty.

The two-story church with a belfry is the most popular; the lower church was consecrated in 1879 in honor of St. Catherine the Martyr, while the upper one was consecrated in 1884 in honor of St. Dmitri Solunsky the Martyr.

The surviving two-story manor house erected in the 19th century in the style of late classicism, as well as the building of the almshouse have also survived. In front of the house there is a small but very picturesque pond. The Yakovlevo estate partially preserved the park which features the trees that still keep strong memories of the owners, their lives, and their laudable charity.

Close to Yakovlevo is the village of Gagino. Its chief attractions are the Savior and Kazan Churches. The Kazan Church was the venue for the wedding ceremony between the world renowned Russian opera singer Feodor Chaliapin and his first wife Iola Tornaghi, an Italian ballerina.

Address: Moscow Region, Sergievo-Posadsky district, the village of Yakovlevo Web-site: http://www.iakovlevo.ru

Directions: by local train from the Yaroslavsky train station to the Buzhaninovo station, continue either on foot or by public transportation for 8 km; by car down the M-8 Yaroslavskoye highway, turn right to the A-108 Big Ring Road. Continue to the turn to the vilage of Yakovlevo and the village of Gagino