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Avdotyino Estate

Avdotyino is commonly referred to as “the masonic estate”. This was due to the fact that for a long time Nikolai Novikov was the owner of the estate. He was a prominent figure of Russian enlightenment, a writer, a journalist and a publisher. He never made a secret of his affiliation to the “free masons”. He socialized with the most educated people of his time. Avdotyino played host to the historian Nikolai Karamzin, the painter Alexander Vitenberg and other prominent figures of Russian culture. Novikov enjoyed the reputation of a liberal and was harshly critical of serfdom prevalent during the reign of Catherine II.

Maybe, that was the reason that he built eight mysterious “houses of communication” in Avdotyino.

These were the model homes for peasants, they were well-built and spacious, which was rare for the era of serfdom. It is noteworthy that Novikov himself lived in the kind of a wooden house appropriate for his status of a nobleman, but the interior setting was pretty modest.

Avdotyino was famous for its mysterious underground passages. Their existence is a proven scientific fact, however, the researchers at this point can not agree as to what role those old labyrinths used to play.

Nowadays, the estate has preserved the white stone baroque style Tikhvin Church, built between 1749 and 1753 and the bell tower erected in 1789. The owner of the estate was buried in the church's burial vault, while Semyon Gamaleya , Novikov's associate, was buried by its walls. The church is open for prayer. To this day the estate also has preserved part of the park, the wing of the manor house and several “communication houses”.

Address: Moscow Region, Stupinsky district, the village of Avdotyino

Directions: by local train from the Paveletsky train station to the Mikhnevo station, continue by train down the circular train road to Malino and continue by bus #33; from the Vykhino metro station by bus #402 or 403 to Malino bus stop, continue by bus #33; by car down the M-5 highway to city of Bronnitsy, turn to the Small Ring Road in the direction of the M-4 Kashirskoye highway, after the first left turn (sign to Malino), turn and continue to the turn to Avdotyino (right turn), continue to the village of Avdotyino