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Akulova Gora Estate

This country dacha-estate is known due to Vladimir Mayakovsky, one of the most controversial poets in Russian literary history. He was a proponent of Soviet power and he called himself exclusively “the poet of the city” and sincerely treated with contempt all “the bourgeois joys of dacha living”. Despite this fact in 1919 and 1920 Mayakovsky spent several summer months in the house located close to the city of Pushkino near Moscow. The dacha belonged to Sergei Rumyantsev, a close acquaintance of Mayakovsky. The house was the venue for get-togethers over the samovar for Boris Pasternak, Nikolai Aseyev, Vera Inber, Lev Kassil and Lily Brick. At this dacha Mayakovsky wrote the poems “Attitude Towards a Lady”, “Heine-Imitation”, “Cigarette-Holder”, and several chapters of the “ Very Good” poem and other masterpieces including his famous “An Extraordinary Adventure Which Befell Vladimir Mayakovsky In A Summer Cottage».

The researchers and devotees of Mayakovsky’s poetry art have for a long time dreamed of creating the Mayakovsky dacha-museum on the site of the one which burned down in 1997. Their hopes materialized in 2014. The country home, which literally “rose from the ashes”, saw the opening of the poet's museum. Aside from the exhibits associated with the poet's biography you can familiarize yourself with an interesting selection of early Soviet posters. Mayakovsky's monument which the poet's sister Lyudmila considered as the one that most fully reflected his character, has been restored.

Today, Akulovo Gora serves as a regular venue for literary and cultural events and gatherings of connoisseurs of arts. They continue to augment the collection of the poet's personal belongings.

Address: Moscow Region, the city of Pushkino, 7 Akulova Gora

Hours of Operation: daily 12 pm – 6 pm, closed – Mon


Phones: +7 495 567-70-91

Directions: by local train from the Yaroslavsky train station to the Pushkino station; by car down the M-8 Yaroslavskoye highway to the turn to the city of Pushkino