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Dubrovitsy Estate

The Dubrovitsy Estate complex became widely known, first and foremost, due to the exceptional artistic value of the Church of the Holy Sign. It was erected between 1690 and 1704 on the orders of the prominent statesman Boris Golitsyn, the tutor of Peter the Great. The architectural appearance of the church features a number of architectural peculiarities. This masterpiece of architecture, constructed of white stone, constitutes an extremely rare example of the church structure in the style of Western baroque in Russia.

The church is adorned with opulent carving dominated by floral motives. The decorative decorum is not typical for the Russian church architecture in the sense that there is presence of sculptures, bas-reliefs with Latin texts, and a non-traditional superstructure in the shape of a tower topped with a gilded crown instead of a dome. The manor house is in no way inferior as an attraction. It was erected in the mid-18th century in the Baroque style and redesigned in the early 19th century in the style of classicism when the empire style decorative elements were added. The layout of the estate complex is also interesting i.e. Dubrovitsy is one of the earliest examples of diagonal placement of the wings in relation to the manor house. At different times the roster of the estate's owners featured a number of rich and prominent figures of Russia, among them were Grigory Potyomkin-Tavrichesky, Alexander Dmitriev-Mamonov, and several members of the ancient Golitsyn lineage.

The Dubrovitsy estate has been well preserved to this day. The Holy Sign Church is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the environs of Moscow. The manor house is now home to a wedding parlor, while the park is available for enjoyment any time of the day.

Address: Moscow Region, Podolsky district, the village of Dubrovitsy

Directions: by local train from the Kursky train station to the Podolsk station, continue by bus #65 to Dubrovitsy; by car down the Varshavskoye highway to the city of Podolsk. When in Podolsk travel down Lenin avenue, continue down Kirova street, follow the sign to Dubrovitsy