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Zendikovo Estate

The estate has preserved the picturesque ruins of the beautiful residential palace built in the 18th century in the Palladian style. The two-story house with a mezzanine and wings on both sides was located on an eminence, which constitutes an architectural dominant structure over the entire estate complex. The name of the architect who presented Russia with this masterpiece is unknown.

The estate got its final appearance when Nikolai Bariatinsky became its owner. On his orders they laid out a luxurious “Russian park” next to the residential palace which featured a multitude of alleys, tricks and cascading ponds. It is noteworthy that “the Russian park” is a rather controversial definition in the art of landscaping. It is believed that its most characteristic features are a picturesque casualness, presence of natural materials and textures, use of trees and plants typical for the terrain where the garden is located.

In the 1820s Zendikovo was sold along with its serfs to Ivan Dvigubsky, president of the Moscow State University and a professor of botany. Following the professor's death the ownership of the estate passed into the hands of the landowner Gorokhov. His sister Ryadtseva owned the estate up until the revolutionary events in Russia. During the Soviet era the grounds of the estate ware heavily developed thus disrupting the original landscape views and layout.

Today, the well-known estate complex is badly in need of urgent emergency measures. Despite of the neglect Zendikovo manages to preserve an amazing capacity to charm the connoisseurs of the olden architecture.

At Zendikovo a major war memorial now marks the place of a soldiers' mass grave killed in WWII.

Address: Moscow Region, Kashirsky district, the township of Zendikovo

Directions: by local train from the Paveletsky train station to the Kashira station, continue by the bus to Zendikovo for some 20 min; by car down the M-4 Kashirskoye highway, after crossing the bridge over the Oka river turn left to the R115 highway “Yegorievsk-Kolomna-Kashira-Nenashevo”, before Kashira turn right to the M-6 highway, then turn again right on the first overpass