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Bykovo Estate

Throughout its existence the Bykovo Estate belonged to a number of prominent aristocratic families i.e. the Izmailovs, the Vorontsov-Dashkovs, and the Ilyins. This very estate features the recognized masterpiece by Vasily Bazhenov, one of the most mysterious Russian architects. Out of several dozen structures in the Pseudo- Gothic style attributed to him, the art historians were able to identify only a few monuments of culture that the architect was directly involved in erecting. One of such gems is the Church of St. Vladimir. The 1789 church is one of a kind in Russia. The architecture and decorum of the church carries back to the times of the first Christians and to the white stone cathedrals in the city of Vladimir.

The Church of St. Vladimir was designed and built as the private church of the estate. The luxurious estate complex at Bykovo has survived to this day. The centerpiece of the estate is the residential palace which was redesigned in the second half of the 19th century by the architect Bernard de Simon. The mansion has architectural resemblance to European castles. The estate is surrounded by a beautiful garden with several ponds and a multitude of park structures.

During the Soviet era the estate was nationalized, while its structures were converted into a TB facility. The medical facility moved out of the palace only recently.

However, the estate park which has preserved its former splendor and “The Three Philosophers” gazebo are available for viewing.

Address: Moscow Region, Ramensky district, the township of Bykovo

Directions: by local train from the Kazansky train station to the Udelnaya station, continue by buses #23 or 39 to the Church (Club) bus stop; from the Vykhino metro station by bus #424; by car down the Ryazanskoye highway to the turn to Bykovo (through the village of Zhylino), continue for 8 km and then turn left. Drive through Bykovo, on the boundary between Bykovo and the city of Zhukovsky turn right at the light, continue for 200 m, then make another turn to Shosseinaya str, continue down the street to the St. Vladimir Church