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Lazhechnikovs' Estate

The Lazhechnikovs' estate is located in the city of Kolomna in the vicinity of Moscow. The city is one of the oldest around Moscow with a long list of historical attractions. It is located in close proximity to the Kolomna Kremlin. It became widely- known thanks to the famous writer Ivan Lazhechnikov whose historical novels were recognized by the experts to be one of the best masterpieces of this genre. His books “The Ice House”, “The Infidel”, and “The Last Novik” have become classics for many generations of Russian people. The estate complex in Kolomna took shape within the 18th–19th centuries. It belonged to the grandfather of the writer. When he was a child Ivan Lazhechnikov many times stayed at this modest-sized estate. He would warmly recall those visits in his masterpieces. The childhood of the writer was also linked with Kriviakino, another estate near Moscow, which belonged to his father.

The former Lazhechnikovs' large merchant house has been neglected for many years. In 1981, however, it was handed over to the Kolomna Department of Culture to start a literary museum. Efforts to create a museum have lasted for almost 30 years. In 2010 on the 220th anniversary of Ivan Lazhechnikov's birthday a massive museum complex was inaugurated. A visit to the museum is an essential ingredient of most guided tours of Kolomna.

Address: Moscow Region, the city of Kolomnay, 192A and 194 Oktiabrskoy Revolutsii street

Hours of Operation: Wed – Sun 10.30 am – 4.30 pm, closed Mon, Tue and last Fri of the month

Web-site: www.kolomnamuzej.ru/usadba-kuptsov-lazhechnikovykh

Phones: (496) 618-61-43

Directions: by local train from the Kazansky train station to the Kolomna station, continue on foot (30 to 40 min of slow walking) or by tram #9; by car down the Novoryazanskoye highway to the city of Kolomna