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Marfino Estate

The Marfino Estate does not resemble any other nobleman's estate in Russia. Its unique architectural appearance took shape during the 18th and 19th centuries. The Marfino estate used to belong to a number of several aristocratic bloodlines i.e. the Golitsyns, the Saltykovs, the Orlovs and the Panins. It reached its architectural prime during the Panins’ ownership.

At different points in history the estate structures in Marfino were redesigned in the stylistic forms of Baroque, Empire style and classicism. However, the key architectural style was imparted in the 1830s. It was back then that the two-story residential palace was redesigned in the style of Russian Pseudo-Gothics by the architect Mikhail Bykovsky. The estate's ensemble was augmented by the bridge in the Gothic style, the mysterious statues of griffons and also by the entrance gate. However, Marfino has preserved the structures in another style which harmoniously blend into the concept of the estate. Those are the building of a kennel built in the style of classicism and the stables which are a vivid example of the classical style, as well as the “Milovida” (Good Looking) Rotunda-Gazebo with an Apollo sculpture.

The estate is home to two old churches i.e. the Church of the Nativity of the Holy Virgin built in 1701–1707 and the Church of Saints Peter and Paul built in 1777. The serf architect Vladimir Belozerov is buried by the walls of the Nativity Church. Marfino is surrounded by a beautiful landscape park with ponds. On a number of occasions the Marfino estate has served as a scene for movie productions. The estate can be seen as a backdrop in such movies as “The House of Gentlefolks”, “A Glass of Water”, “The Woman Who Sings” and others. Today, the estate is home to the Marfinsky sanatorium.

Address: Moscow region, Mytischinsky district, the village of Marfino

Hours of Operation: Guided tours are available upon prior arrangement with the management of the sanatorium

Directions: by local train from the Savelovsky train station to the Kataur station, continue by bus #37; from the Altufievo metro station, continue by bus #519 to the village of Marfino; by car down the Dmitrovskoye highway to the 38 km marker, turn right to the village of Marfino, pass by the Marfino Estate, continue to the church, the estate is located on the opposite side in an abandoned park