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Sennitsy Estate

For many years the appearance of the Sennitsy Estate underwent dynamic changes in line with fashionable trends in the architectural decor of the time period. It is hard to believe that at its inception here was the manor house in the style of classicism, then it was substituted by the mansion in the Empire style which down the road was converted into a European style castle.

The most significant changes took place at the estate during the prominent military figure Fyodor Keller’s ownership. He wanted to implement his romantic dreams of an “English” estate within the environment of Moscow’s surroundings. He spared neither time nor money on the construction of buildings in the Victorian Gothic style. Between 1888 and 1904 a huge complex which included housing, auxiliary, industrial and other types of structures was built here. Among the buildings was a singular structure which was a combination of a greenhouse and a burial vault built for the owner's daughter who passed away at an early age.

Following the revolution part of the valuables were shipped out of the estate to be distributed among museums. The estate's structures were converted to housing and other types of facilities.

Nowadays, you can enjoy the old Church of Resurrection built between 1701 and 1707, the stables and other estate structures. Even in a ruined state they will strike your imagination.

Next to Sennitsy is another well-known Darovoye estate of the writer Fyodor Dostoyevsky and the ancient city of Zaraisk with a multitude of attractions.

Address: Moscow Region, Ozersky district, the village of Sennitsy-2

Directions: by local train from the Kazansky train station to the Ozery station, continue to Sennitsy-2; by car down the M-4 highway to Ozery, continue to cross the Oka river, then turn left to the village of Sennitsy-2