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Grebnevo Estate

The vast architectural and park ensemble of the Grebnevo Estate built in the 18th and first quarter of the 19th century is an outstanding national monument of history and culture. The imposing three-story residential palace with galleries and pavilions on the both sides constitute a centerpiece of the ceremonial courtyard, flanked by the two-story guest wings on the left and on the right. On the central axis of the empire-style entrance gate, “the triumphal arch”, there are wings for service staff. Aside from the ceremonial and auxiliary yards, the ensemble embraces a regular linden park and a picturesque pond with islands, which once featured gazebos and the “milovida” (good looking) park pavilions. They commanded beautiful views onto the manor house and the garden. At difference times the Grebnevo estate used to belong to the princely and nobleman's families of the Trubetskys', the Bibikovs', the Golitsyns and other... The Grebnevo estate has always been a symbol of affluence and eminent public status of the owners who forever immortalized their names in the history of the country.

Gavriil Bibikov's infatuation with the theater in the late 18th century led to the construction of an amphitheater on one of the islands. The theatrical productions drew spectators from all over Moscow. Even in the early 20th century the estate was the favorite place of recreation for the management and actors of the Moscow Art Theater. Nowadays, the estate has falled into neglect. Available for viewing are the alleys of the two centuries old park and the church complex of the estate which includes the functioning 1791 Church of the Icon of the Grebenskaya Virgin and the 1823 St. Nicolas the Miracle Worker Church. Next to the estate there is a surviving hospital facility of the Grebnevo estate. When building the hospital they took advantage of the older 1831–1832 structures built by the architect Bykovsky.

Address: Moscow Region, Schelkovsky district, the village of Grebnevo

Directions: by local train from the Yaroslavsky train station to the Friazino station, continue from the bus terminal by bus #23; from the Schelkovskaya metro station by bus or shuttle van #361 to the city of Friazino, continue by bus #23; by car down the Schelkovskoye highway and Fryanovskoye highway to the city of Friazino, continue to the village of Grebnevo