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Semyonovskoye-Otrada Estate

Located on the bank of the Lopasnya river the estate in the village of Semyonovskoye can rightfully claim the title of the island of British culture in the environs of Moscow. This is one of the largest architectural complexes around Moscow.

Semyonovskoye-Otrada was built on the lands granted by the Empress Catherine the Great to her associates, the Orlov brothers. The estate was rapidly being developed during Vladimir Orlov’s ownership. He had a reputation of being a most educated person, a sophisticated connoisseur of art and an Anglophile. On his initiative on this very land at the end of the 18th century a massive construction project was started. The palace and park complex was in the British style. The centerpiece of the estate in Otrada was the residential palace built in a transitional style from baroque to classicism. A singular European flavor reigned supreme in all the structures of the Semyonovskoye. They say that among many servants at the estate there was even an astronomer. The estate also had a serf theater.

In 1777 construction on the Church of St. Nicolas the Miracle Worker in the style of late baroque was started. It is located in front of the manor house. The church was badly affected by the revolution but was restored in the 1980s. In 1993 it was handed over to the parish. Following Vladimir Orlov's death Otrada saw the erection of another significant structure i.e. the Assumption Church which included a burial vault built by the prominent architect Domenico Gilardi in 1832–1835. It was built in the style of classicism.

The large landscape park stretches along the banks of the Lopasnya river, you can find here surviving old lindens, oaks and cedars still living here. Otrada is one of those estates whose outlook was preserved despite the years of neglect. Nowadays, the Semyonovskaya-Otrada esate is part of the FSB sanatorium and state dachas compound, in this connection access for tourists to the former Orlovs' estate is restricted.

Address: Moscow Region, Stupinsky district, the village of Semyonovskoye

Directions: by local train from the Kursky train station to the Serphukhov station, continue by bus #70 to the final stop; by car down the Simferopol or Kashirskoye highways. The estate is located between highways on the third Moscow Ring Road